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Cloud-based image platform

for drone pilots

Dronebox helps beginner and expert pilots manage, combine and share map-based drone photography quickly and easily.

3 easy steps

In processing Drone Photos


Upload images

Select images captured by a drone (with optional Ground Control Point file for increased precision)


Image processing

Wait for Dronebox to process the images in the cloud


Analyze results

View your images stitched together on a 2D map or visualize the 3D point cloud


   Get more out of your Drone Photo.

    In processing Drone Photos


There are many other Features that have not been mentioned yet. You can try it yourself now.

Ic Ortho


Stitched photos, orthorectified and georeferenced to make an accurate map.

Ic Eleva

Elevation Models

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is the digital representation of the land surface elevation which consists of Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM).

Ic Gis

GIS Compatible

Support GIS capabilities to enable further analysis in GIS software.

Ic 3d

3D Models

Auto-generated 3D Models and point clouds data.

Ic Measure


Measure distance, area, and volume on maps with 2D/3D control.

Ic Drone

Drone flying guidance

A recommendation for flying your drone to meet an ultimate map solution.


An example of a drone mapping dataset that displays an Orthophoto, Plant Health, Surface Model and a 3D Models.


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