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An easy-to-use platform to process Drone image


Dronebox is a platform shaped upon OpenDroneMap (ODM), which is an open source toolkit for processing drone imagery. The ultimate goal of Dronebox is to enable wide-range of users from novices to experts to make an accurate map from Drone imagery with ease. Moreover, Dronebox provides a guideline on flying Drone for collecting aerial photos with suitable resolutions to meet tasks’ requirements.


Who we are

Dronebox is a collaborative research project co-funded by Northern Science Park under the Industrial Research and Technology Capacity Development Program (IRTC) and Mapedia Co., Ltd. The project was conducted by Assistant Professor Dr.Duangduen Asavasuthirakul and Dr.Antony Harfield from Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Science, Naresuan University. This research project aims to reinforce cloud knowledge and development skill to entrepreneur to develop competitive cloud-base product to the market.



Program Management Unit Competitiveness (PMUC)

Received a budget supported by the Science Promotion Fund. Research and innovation by Program Management Unit Competitiveness (PMUC)


Northern Science Park

A place that supports research and development Science, technology and innovation together of the semester Industry and government sectors for commercial



Mapedia is a group of GIS specialists who have delivered geo-related projects to government.

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