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Business Policy

Prepared on October 1, 2022


  1. Service Refund Agreement

The service provider reserves the right to refund the service in case the user wants to cancel the service. or downgrade the service before the expiration of the contract and the service user has no right to claim the service fee back no matter what part or all unless the service provider will cancel the service by itself The service will be refunded only as it is reasonable. And the user will not be able to claim any other damages incurred with the use of the service. In addition to the service fee that the service user has already paid with the service provider only. In case of violation of the terms of use, the service provider will notify and will stop the service if the service user does not correct the correction. And the user will not be able to claim the right to refund. and if it is an action that affects the system, network and reputation of the service provider The user will be responsible for all damages incurred.

  1. Service Payment Agreement

2.1 The service recipient pays for the service before receiving the service. equal to the package price and conditions as specified for each package which will be able to choose the appropriate service rate according to the user’s needs or under the conditions specified

2.2 In the case of using the service in the form of Web API, the service fee can be paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as needed. as stated in the contract at the beginning

2.3 In the event that the service recipient wants to use the Enterprise service, the recipient must pay the service fee before receiving the service using the system or pay according to the above quotation.

  1. Service Suspension Agreement

Bringing the image into the processing system If the service provider detects an infringement of copyright infringement images for processing in the system. Including images used to calculate results in the system, the user of the system must be responsible for requesting permission. to fly photographs in that area to relevant agencies

The service provider will suspend the service of the said account. and the service provider is not responsible for the regret that occurs There is no refund of any service fee and no prior notice is required. However, the service provider reserves the right to consider whether it violates the agreement or not. If there is any dispute The decision of the service provider shall be final.

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